J-Lube is a hand lubricant concentrate for the vetirinarian! It is an inexpensive concentrated lubricant sold in powder form. When mixed with water, J-Lube becomes very slick and slippery.

If you've never experienced J-Lube in person, you're in for quite a surprise! It is great for fisting or for playing with dildos, butt plugs, and any other large objects that bring you pleasure.

Content: 284 g (10 oz)

For what I can use J-Lube?
Except by the manufacturer it's intended use J-Lube is ideal for wrestling games anal sex, fisting sex and giant dildos. It is characterized by true long-lasting sliding properties, and is latex and condom compatible. A highlight is that one of the may determine consistency depending on personal preferences themselves.

How do I mix J-Lube?
The easy way:
Boil 100 ml of water to kill bacteria and stirring with a whisk in the cooled water, and according to J-Lube, until it reaches the desired consistency. J-Lube mixed this way is stable in the fridge for about 3 days.

The refreshing way:
For extreme craft it makes sense to freeze the mixed J-Lube in an ice maker. The launch of J-Lube ice is a really "cool" thing. Furthermore, you get so always some portions of stock.

The "Just in Time" way:
Just a little J-Lube on the skin or a sex toy and sprinkle with a standard spray bottle (eg flowers) spray. Slipped away.

How do I remove J-Lube?
The advantage of J-Lube is it's long-lasting. The drawback of J-Lube is it's long-lasting. You'll notice it when you wash it. But there is a little trick: A little salt dissolved in warm water and rinse J-Lube with the salt water. The salt changes the molecular structure of J-Lube and it can be easily removed. If you like it simple: something to rub salt on the skin or the sex toy, and wash with warm water. The variant can also burn a little, depending on how violent the games were before.

Where can I buy J-Lube?
You can purchase J-Lube easy in one of the following online-shops.


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